Tom Cumming has over 15 years of project management consulting experience. His clients have included many fortune 500 companies including Experian, AT&T, Corinthian Colleges, NetApp, Samsung, Disney, Toyota, and Sempra Energy. He has twice served on PMI-OC’s Board of Directors. He has twice received PMI-OC’s Presidents Award.

He has lead PMP certification workshops and has successfully trained over 300 Project Managers. He has served as an adjunct professor in project management for Saddleback Community College. He has written and taught certification classes for Saddleback Community College and Safeco FIS (Financial Institution Solutions).

He is the CEO/owner of the following businesses: tcumming.com, thejobprocess.com, and Vinyl Record Displays (VRD.rocks). He is the COO of Sherry Yu Designs. Originally from Illinois, Tom is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. He lives in Mission Viejo with his daughter and two Yorkie Dogs; Lucky and Starr.



Many underwriters will start thinking about three details that are primary Capability: An underwriter will consider whether or perhaps not there is the way to pay down your home loan and can very very carefully consider carefully your earnings history, period of time you have got been along with your boss, and any outstanding financial obligation whenever determining exactly just exactly how most likely you will be to repay your home loan when you look at the period of time that is allotted. Credit: Your credit score is a very essential requirement whenever acquiring home loan preapproval. They will certainly desire to observe that you’ve got a good credit history, have historically paid your charge card, and possess long credit score. Appraisal: The underwriter will request an assessment to make sure that the amount of the loan being required is the same as the quantity that the homely home is really well well worth. We look into this in a bit increased detail below. A list of conditions that need to be resolved (which is a conditional approval) if any problems occur during the underwriting process, they may give the borrower. As an example, an underwriter might request you to offer information that is additional a certain withdrawal or deposit in your money. The Appraisal The loan dedication page states that the financial institution is ready to fund the home loan, but conditions that are certain frequently have to be met. These conditions typically consist of an appraisal, involving having an authorized appraiser arrive at the house you want to buy and offer an evaluation regarding the property’s value. The large financial company or loan provider will typically purchase the assessment through a directory that is central categorised as an Appraisal Management business or AMC). How come an assessment necessary? In the event that you look for to acquire a house this is certainly detailed for $250,000 nevertheless the assessment reveals that the house is well worth $200,000, the mortgage company might only accept you for the $200,000 loan. Mortgage brokers like to guarantee them know that that they are providing adequate funds based on the home’s true value, and an appraisal will help. The buyer can walk away from the deal (if the research duration hasn’t expired) or they could ask owner to cut back the cost in the event that assessment will come in lower than the cost. Accept Approval Decision Every debtor will be different with regards to getting approval. Some may glide all the way through the underwriting procedure and certainly will perhaps not need certainly to submit documentation that is additional whereas other people is going to be expected for understanding of their credit history. Your loan officer shall have the ability to show you through the entire process of finishing the applying and publishing needed papers to an underwriter. The underwriter will respond back with then certainly one of four choices relating to your home loan application: You will receive a loan commitment letter in writing that specifies the exact loan amount that you qualify for if you are approved for a mortgage. Approved with conditions This really is an extremely typical kind of home loan approval. Your loan officer will assist you to evaluate the problems that are increasingly being required and you will be open to navigate through the procedure. This means more paperwork is needed before a decision can be made by the underwriter. In the event that debtor has credit that is questionable work history, etc., they could be refused totally. Freeze Speed and Terms That you lock in an interest rate and loan terms after you have been approved for a loan, it is imperative. This can include the length of time the loan will endure (two decades, three decades, etc. ) and whether or not the interest is adjustable or fixed. With a set rate home loan, your rate of interest is defined and won’t alter. A rate that is adjustable could have a fluctuating rate of interest that is tied up to one thing known as an ‘index. ’ Due to the fact interest prices (or index) increases, your interest re re re payment shall increase also. In the event that index decreases, your interest re re re payment will even drop. But, there are numerous adjustable rate mortgages that may set a cut-off point for exactly exactly exactly how high or low your rate of interest can get. Without locking in a pursuit price along with your loan provider, the risk is run by you of great interest prices increasing considerably. Additionally it is crucial to notice you obtain preapproval from that you do not need to move forward with the lender. For any reason, you can switch lenders if you are unhappy with working with them. With them, it may be easier to stick with that company since they have all of your financial information, credit report documentation, etc if you are happy. It’s standard that the financial institution will give you the mortgage terms in writing along side a right time limitation on how very long the terms and conditions will likely be legitimate. You need to finalize the mortgage before the terms expire to lock the rate in and terms. Home Mortgage Approval You buy the home, which means the house was “cleared-to-close. In the event that you get home loan approval additionally the underwriter agrees to let” This specifies that every needs have now been met and you will move ahead with buying your home. Shutting on the House Prior to the time for the closing, all loan papers are delivered to the name company which will manage the closing. In the time regarding the closing, both you and the vendor will review any documents that pertain to the mortgage. The buyer and seller sit at the same closing table in some states, buyers and sellers can close on their home separately or with different title companies, but in North Carolina. Prior to the time associated with the closing, you will definitely get a questionnaire en titled a “Closing Disclosure, ” that will be a form that is standardized provides details about the home mortgage like the projected monthly premiums, loan terms, costs, shutting costs, etc. So what can i actually do to get ready for the home loan process? There are numerous steps which can be taken fully to get ready for the home loan procedure. While preparing to acquire a house, it is necessary you do not make any big, expensive acquisitions such as for instance purchasing a vehicle or any other expensive things. Pertaining to credit, you will require a credit history with a minimum of 580 to be eligible for that loan. A great many other loan kinds need greater fico scores that typically surpass 600 as well as 700. To boost your credit history, work with paying down any debt that is outstanding. It’s also recommended to not ever do just about anything which will run a difficult check up on your credit, such as for instance starting a brand new charge card. You should very very carefully think about what it is possible to easily borrow. Be aware that you don’t need to just take from the complete quantity that you will be pre-approved for – you are able to borrow less than that quantity. As an example, even if you be pre-approved for borrowing $250,000, you may well be best off purchasing a property that is nearer to $200,000 to ease a few of the economic burden. Just Take careful stock of everything you invest in an everyday, weekly, and month-to-month foundation – automobile re re payments, personal college training, basic costs, etc. – and produce a spending plan to evaluate simply how much you are able to comfortably devote to a home loan every month without breaking the lender. In summary, there are many areas of the mortgage procedure that should be thought about whenever about to purchase a property. It will always be advisable to utilize a realtor|estate that is real and home financing broker who is able to make suggestions through the complicated mortgage procedure which help relieve a lot of the worries. Beyond being qualified for home funding, there are a number of different forms of mortgages you can look at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc., so it’s essential to utilize a trustworthy pro who is able to explain each loan kind for your requirements which help you realize the advantages and disadvantages of each and every loan kind that you will be qualified to receive. Hi there! I am Ryan Fitzgerald, an agent in Raleigh-Durham, NC and also the owner of Raleigh Realty. You share a comparable passion, real-estate! We additionally technology, activities, and individuals. Sooo want to hear from you. Drop me personally a note into the commentary part below and please feel free to share socially!

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Many underwriters will check into cash pensacola fl start thinking [...]

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Work History

Briefly, here are some highlights of my 15-year career in Project Management:

01. Enterprise Software Implementation.

While working for Golden State Foods I managed the implementation of an enterprise wide antivirus and email archival system. I also managed the decommission of the legacy antivirus and archival system. I managed the collection, integrity, and implementation of 2.5 TB of company emails into the McAfee archival system. I supervised internal engineers and external vendors. I created project deliverable, managed meetings, and reported project progress to upper management.

02. Enterprise NAS Refresh.

I managed the procurement process for an Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) Initiative and data center consolidation.  I worked with SMEs to develop the RFP.  I facilitated vendor meetings with NetApp, EMC, HP, IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Mainline and Trace3.  I facilitated internal core team meetings with SMEs from 5 divisions.  I facilitated the bidder’s conference including the vendor demonstrations.  I developed schedules and timelines.  I developed storage recommendations and presented them to upper management.

03. National Laptop Rollout.

While working for Corinthian Colleges I managed a national laptop rollout (87 campuses, 755 laptops).  I supervised all aspects of the imaging, shipping, and installation.  I worked with multiple vendors and on-site Administrators to ensure timely delivery and installation.  I communicated with campus Presidents and Deans to ensure a high degree of stakeholder satisfaction.  I discovered and corrected a $50,000 error in the imaging process.  The project was ranked #4 out of 67 on Corinthian Colleges’ priority list; delivered on time and under budget.

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Tom Cumming is an accomplished and motivated technology leader with a strong infrastructure, networking, data migration, and information security background.
(949) 351 – 4831 tcumming2000@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/tcumming2000