Work History

Briefly, here are some highlights of my 15-year career in Project Management:

01. Enterprise Software Implementation.

While working for Golden State Foods I managed the implementation of an enterprise wide antivirus and email archival system. I also managed the decommission of the legacy antivirus and archival system. I managed the collection, integrity, and implementation of 2.5 TB of company emails into the McAfee archival system. I supervised internal engineers and external vendors. I created project deliverable, managed meetings, and reported project progress to upper management.

02. Enterprise NAS Refresh.

I managed the procurement process for an Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) Initiative and data center consolidation.  I worked with SMEs to develop the RFP.  I facilitated vendor meetings with NetApp, EMC, HP, IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Mainline and Trace3.  I facilitated internal core team meetings with SMEs from 5 divisions.  I facilitated the bidder’s conference including the vendor demonstrations.  I developed schedules and timelines.  I developed storage recommendations and presented them to upper management.

03. National Laptop Rollout.

While working for Corinthian Colleges I managed a national laptop rollout (87 campuses, 755 laptops).  I supervised all aspects of the imaging, shipping, and installation.  I worked with multiple vendors and on-site Administrators to ensure timely delivery and installation.  I communicated with campus Presidents and Deans to ensure a high degree of stakeholder satisfaction.  I discovered and corrected a $50,000 error in the imaging process.  The project was ranked #4 out of 67 on Corinthian Colleges’ priority list; delivered on time and under budget.

04.Global Technical Refresh

I managed cDOT implementation and data migration of 183TB of NAS data and 53TB of SAN block data, on twenty-four (24) controllers located in 19 US and International cities.  I facilitated internal and client facing kick-off, technical, and status meetings.  I acquired resources for all installations.  I completed inventory and site readiness checks.  I oversaw all NetApp generalists (rack and stack) and specialists (advanced configuration) cDOT installation activities.  I managed data migration activities.  I reported on all aspects of the program.  I facilitated a lessons learned meeting and obtained customer signoff to successfully close out the program.

05. Campus Project Manager for AT&T CSU Technical Refresh

Campus Project Manager for San Luis Obispo, Long Beach, and Northridge Universities.  At San Luis Obispo I managed the network upgrade of over 280 telecommunication rooms, consisting of 100 supervisor modules, 175 Cisco 2950 switch replacements, 30 Cisco 4006 chassis upgrades, and 11,000 user ports patched.

06. Information Security Projects
  • Physical Security Roadmap – Created and implemented a comprehensive enterprise-wide physical security plan for Experian.
  • GSA (General Security Audit) – Managed the remediation of 107 physical and data security issues discovered at 4 campus locations for Corinthian College.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, Development and Testing – At Toyota, I facilitated the development and execution of Disaster Recovery (DR) plans for multiple business units. I created DR plans with team leads and application owners.  I managed the development of DR environments. I successfully tested and implemented disaster recovery plans.
  • RAS Implementation – Also at Toyota, I oversaw the implementation of a new Remote Access System, implementing dual authentication and servicing 2,500 users.
07. Process Development

At Toyota, I worked with an Oracle DBA to create an Oracle installation, upgrade and data migration process that was implemented by several business units to meet their database challenges.  I created project schedules (CTASKS) in ServiceNow and those schedules were approved by the off-shore IT teams and the business units.  I was present at weekly CAB meetings to acquire management approvals.  All implementations were successful because of our adherence to a well thought out process

08. Change Management

At Sempra Energy, my team encountered a situation which was not anticipated during planning.  My team needed to perform asbestos testing at 74 Out of Band Management sites.  My team was able to identify the sites that needed the testing.  We contracted with another vendor to perform abatement when necessary.  Through our actions, my team was able to mitigate a potentially costly problem and successfully deliver the project.

09. Project Budget.

The largest project budgets I have managed have been greater than $5,000,000.

10. Earned Value

I have used EVM to calculate a project’s ETC, EAC, SV, and CV.

11. Certifications

PMP, Program Management, and SCRUM Master certified.  Managed projects using Waterfall Methodology and a Waterfall/Agile hybrid Methodology.

12. Giving back to the PMI community

I developed a project management certification program for PMI-OC.  I created program budgets.  I negotiated contracts with vendors.  I established operational processes.  I developed metrics in the form of key performance indicators.  I taught instructors and developed a “Train-the-Trainer” curriculum.  I scheduled and taught PMP certification classes and coordinated project management events.  I interfaced with multiple stakeholders, instructors, and students.

13. PMI-OC Accomplishments
  • Member of the Board of Directors (3 years).
  • Two-time recipient of PMI-OC President’s Award.
  • Twice recognized as Volunteer of the Month.
  • Managed 11 PMP certification workshops, trained 326 project managers.